Matchmakers wanted by Cupid, Inc.

Temp Cupid Returns for Valentine’s Day 2024!

Temp Cupid (created by Aaron Vanek and Kirsten) is an immersive & interactive theatrical experience that puts YOU into the role of temporary seasonal workers hired by Cupid, the god of Love and Desire, to help a group of Lonely Hearts. Using (toy) bows and (foam) arrows, can you help your assigned person find true love?

Produced in collaboration with the Immersive Art Collective (501c3), and located at The Count’s Den in downtown Los Angeles for shows on Feb 9, 10, 14, 16, 17 at 7:30pm and 9:15pm. There is a wait list for shows on Feb 11 and 18 as well.

Tickets (surcharges and fees included in price):
$65 General Admission includes one alcoholic or NA drink (IDs checked)
$85 VIP, includes two drinks plus a special Valentine and first choice of Lonely Heart assignment

Each 90-minute experience is unique and dependent on you.
Wheelchair accessible. No contact between audience and performers.

What you might see (CW): Love and romance between multiple genders and multiple partners possible; clothed displays of affection(hugging, kissing); loneliness, loathing, snarkiness, pettiness, moodiness, cringe, breadcrumbing, cuffing, rizz, situationships and many other affairs of the heart expected.

Reviews from the 2020 run:
“I haven’t had more fun messing up people’s lives and relationships since my middle school obsession with The Sims.” —Marlee D., Shine On Collective

“Absolutely loved the show! Thought it was fun, innovative, and engaging!” –Julia S.

“I had so much fun at Temp Cupid! I had a smile on my face the entire time.” –Lacey Rae P., Media Geeks

“Absolutely fantastic show, my wife and I had a blast there tonight. Maybe a little too much fun with the arrows, too.” –Matt C.

“Temp Cupid is innovative, wacky, adorable, and above all, a ton of fun.” –Immersed

“This is the type of experience that works well for audience members who are new to immersive [theater experiences]… Temp Cupid is a fine show, with a lot of potential for audiences to have fun.” –Eye on Immersive

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