Featured artist at Little Death #4

little death #4:
@ The Mortuary

Sun, 1/27/19 @ 7pm, $7

The Mortuary is an RSVP ONLY performance lab.
RSVP by emailing themortuaryla@gmail.com
Lincoln Heights (90031) address disclosed upon RSVP

Patricia Sazani
Cordelia Istel
Alexx Shilling
Carmina Escobar
Saewon & Kwonyin
Kathryn Shuman
Kirsten Hageleit & Aaron Vanek

little death is a monthly salon of unclassifiable performances and experiences. On the last Sunday of every month, The Mortuary invites transdisciplinary artists to take risks in a room of humans and discover one another. Each little death curates a heterogeneous bunch of ~7 artists around the monthly prompt, to perform ~10 minute events sequentially. January prompt: Indoor/Outdoor Use Only.

The little death salon series is at the heart of The Mortuary’s overarching mission of envisioning studio visits for experimental performance practice, and renegotiating the relationship between process and presentation. The Mortuary encourages participating artists “to be yourself, to not be yourself, to dive further into your compulsion or to adventure outside of your usual patterns, and to propose alternate paradigms of art and experience.”

RSVP? Questions?
Want to perform in the next little death?

The Game Academy’s First Grant

Wow! The Game Academy just received our first grant--$10,000 from the Benjosh Foundation! And we’ve raised over $2,000 on our GoFundMe campaign, but are still hoping to meet our goal of $30,000 by the end of this year.

Please consider helping underprivileged youth attend our camps who can’t normally afford it by donating–even $1 helps! And share this post freely.

The Game Academy is a 501c3 educational non-profit organization that uses role-playing games and larps to teach kids at summer camp and afterschool enrichment. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area with four locations, expanding to seven. For more information on the company, click here: http://thegameacademy.org/

Thank you!


The Game Academy’s First Grant

San Diego Comic-Con® panel uploaded

The panel I moderated on using RPGs and larps for education at San Diego Comic-Con® 2018 with Shawn Crosby, Emily Nguyen-Hoai, Noah Sutton-Smolin, Scott Stubbe, and Ndindi Kitonga is now on YouTube here. Thanks to Erika Svensson for recording and editing.

Hot town, summer in the city

Los Angeles has had a lot of record breaking heat lately, mostly due to man-made and preventable global climate change. Here is what has been going on over here:

One Last Thing Before You Go, the immersive/interactive play I directed, produced and co-wrote with my wife, won an Encore producers award as well as a combined critics/audience “Double Sweet” award from Better Lemons for 100% approval from both audiences and critics. The discussion/fan group for the play is here. Kirsten and I are mulling ideas to expand it later.

I moderated a panel on using RPGs and larps for social-emotional learning in education at San Diego Comic-Con®. It was taped, but the video is forthcoming. Review here. I also screened my thesis movie Morning Commute there.

I (barely) finished designing (again with Kirsten) and ran Redefining Pi, my second Delta Green larp at GenCon. This was the largest player group I’ve ever worked with (48), and we had an offsite experience at the Indiana Medical History Museum with custom made interactive props. Photos here.

I am pleased to have a short article I wrote a year or more ago published in the latest issue of The Unspeakable Oath (#25) from Arc Dream Publishing. It’s about a mystical book that promises everything and provides nothing.

Before beginning classes at the Creative Learning Place (I have left Kabbalah Children’s Academy/International Children’s Academy) in September, I hope to get a number of projects finished as well as clean the apartment and sell a lot of items via ebay and a garage sale.

Spring 2018 update

I seem to have lost my previous posts for a few months, but here is what is coming up:
I am directing/producing my second play. It will again be immersive, interactive, and improvisational, and premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It is an original production, co-written by my wife Kirsten. We are not thinking of it as a larp, but it is entirely debatable. tickets go on sale Tuesday May 1.
It is a one-audience member show, so only 25 people will get to see it–five nights, five people per night. More information (and to get tickets) here.

Reviews of “Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale”

Reviews of my first play, a staged adaptation of the larp Fallen Stars, are aggregated here and here.

We closed yesterday, and while not a runaway debut, I am pleased with our production and cast. I think we got something working, and working well.

L to r; Brandie Chernow, Luke King, Noelle Rodriguez, Anna Dawahare, me, Shelby Monaghan, David King, Mary Rachel Gardner, with Shoshanna Ruth Green below.

May and June events

Stuff I am doing in May and June:
1. This Saturday, I am designing/running a Disaster Preparedness Pop-up event; aka a larp to help empower people to deal with a catastrophe when traditional aid is not available and the crisis lasts more than a few hours. It’s in Palo Alto. Funnily enough, there’s an Event Horizon get together BBQ four blocks away from where I will be–during the exact same time I will be doing this event, so I can’t attend. http://www.creativecrisisleadership.org/

2. The Kabbalah Children’s Academy Game Fair is Tuesday, May 23rd, from 6-8pm. Free and family friendly, my 6, 7 and 8th graders will demo the games they designed for my Analog Game Design class. Board games, card games, social/party games, physical games, and even an escape room–a dozen different games. Show up late and leave early, but drop by, it will be fun! (I can’t seem to link to the event page, so I will post it separately).

3. Tickets on sale for “Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale,” a staged adaptation of a Nordic larp, part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. There are five show dates, Friday June 2, Saturday June 10, Friday June 16, Sunday June 18, and Saturday June 24. Show is an hour. Tickets $15, but $10 if you use code “ITEM” and donate an item to us–the cast will turn it into a new character for the next show. Each show is unique and interactive–come on stage and buy, using fake money we provide, the object. You take the object home!

Staged theater adaptation of a larp: Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

I am adapting the Nordic (Factory) larp Fallen Stars to the stage for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, called Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale. We have five shows in June (play is an hour long):

Friday June 2, 8:30pm
Saturday June 10, 4:30pm
Friday June 16, 11pm
Sunday June 18, 3pm
Saturday June 24, 7pm

Actors play objects at a charity sale. They are sentient and can talk (like in the movie “Toy Story”). You, the audience, play the buyers at the sale, and can walk on stage and buy an object at any time (you keep the object, too!). The actor goes offstage. The remaining objects react accordingly.

Tickets $15, but use code ITEM for $5 off and give us an item you don’t want and it could become a character in the next show. Each show is different!

Tickets on sale May 1:
Facebook fan page