Current Projects

These are the things I am working on now, or should be working on now.

  • I am working on Starship Selket: Wave One, a blockbuster larp aboard the SS Lane Victory in San Pedro. August 2-4 and August 9-11, 2019 in San Pedro, CA
  • I am doing many things as vice-president of The Game Academy, a 501c3 non-profit that makes and implements role-playing games for education.
  • I am teaching a class on analog game design, and larp through science for middle school students at Creative Learning Place, and game design for middle school and high school at the Angeles Workshop School.
  • I am developing some original card and role-playing games.
  • I am working on a supplement for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, to be published by Sixtystone Press. It is a guide to psychedelic drugs in the Mythos, plus an adventure. I have sent the manuscript (55,000 words) off to the publisher. It is in editorial now (4/2018).

There are many other projects I am working on, some of which will reach fruition, some will not (at least not this year). I will endeavor to update this site when development becomes production and I can confidently announce the news.