Give Up the Ghost is an interactive and immersive haunting play where YOU, the audience, play the role of ghosts in the afterlife, before a Ferryman brings you across the river to the rest of Eternity.

This is an expanded version of One Last Thing Before You Go, the sold-out, award-winning Hollywood Fringe Festival production from 2018 by SPECTACULAR DISASTER FACTORY, LLC, the wife-husband team of Kirsten Hageleit & Aaron Vanek.

Friday nights – September 27 (preview), October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15

Each night has two shows: 8pm and 10pm. Shows last approximately 75 minutes each. Late seating (up to 15 minutes) allowed.

Located at: First Christian Church of Whittier – 6355 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90601 —Google map

THIS IS THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE THIS SHOW IN THIS LOCATION. First Christian Church is converting to low-income senior housing at the end of the year.

Free parking in the lot behind the church or on the street.

Bathrooms are available at location during the experience.

Physicality: We are handicap accessible, but not ADA compliant. We are willing to accommodate any disability or mobility issue, especially with notice ahead of time. Some scenes necessitate climbing and descending stairs, but it is not required to view those scenes for the narrative, which is determined by you and what you do.

Interactivity: You will be able to touch the actors (fingertips to elbow ONLY and not roughly), and otherwise interact as a ghost, e.g., no talking to the living, objects can be moved within scenes, and only whispering to other ghosts. Accidental contact with an actor may occur. You can interact with actors if and when you choose to. You are not obligated to interact at all. The scenes continue whether you engage or not, and are influenced by what you do or don’t. We also encourage and allow interactions with your fellow ghosts as well!

Numbers: We have a maximum of 50 ghosts per show. The participant to actor ratio is roughly 2:1. There is over 8700 square feet of space to move around. Some scenes are open to large groups, some scenes are for small bunches, and a few scenes are for one spirit only.

Movement: You can move at your discretion among the scenes. Some scenes you can freely go to on your own, others you must be accompanied by a Shadow Guide. You are free to stand, sit, or move inside scenes to your comfort level. Some scenes are designed for participants to sit, relax and watch actors. You can stay in certain scenes the entire show or repeat a scene (if it is not occupied by other ghosts) if you like.

Effects: Low-lying fog, disorienting (but not strobe) lights and loud and/or vertiginous sounds will be present.

Photography is allowed and encouraged outside the venue only. Before going inside, please turn your mobile devices to silent or off.

Dress code: comfortable walking shoes and clothing that does not restrict visibility or mobility highly recommended.

Content, theme, tone: This is a “reverse” haunted house–you are the ghosts, the actors are the living (mostly). What you do or do not do has a direct effect on the narrative, including the possibility that a scene may change for the entire show.

It is likely you will not experience all of the scenes.

There are no jump scares, gory imagery, sexual content nor nudity nor any religious under or over tones or messaging. There are references and inspiration from classic Greek and Egyptian mythology. The overall tone is tragic, sad, melancholic, dramatic, spooky, and eerie. Death by suicide, homicide, and accident are present. We will offer you the option to keep a warning card that indicates the content of certain scenes so you have the ability to avoid those aspects. 

Due to content, this production is for ages 18 and older. Mature 15-17 year olds may attend if accompanied by a parent or legal adult guardian. 


If you are disrespectful, rude, harmful, taking or destroying props, harassing any actor or other guest, you will be removed without refund. 

A portion of net proceeds will be divided between the First Christian Church of Whittier and The Game Academy, a 501c3 educational organization that uses role-playing games for learning.

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Awards for One Last Thing Before You Go: