Meet me in The Dreamlands

I’m happy to type that I can now officially announce: I feel extremely honored that I was able to do some writing for Jason Bradley Thompson‘s forthcoming Dreamland tabletop role playing game.
We don’t have a release date yet, but I fell in love with the game as soon as I heard about its unique mechanic of using randomly selected words in flowery speeches the player says as their character (plus a die roll). And I love love love the setting, which prompted me to read the wonderful stories of Lord Dunsany, who influenced H.P Lovecraft (also a huge inspiration for the game).
I have been running Dreamland games, and will do so again, I hope, at ChaosiumCon in April. Plus, I am creating my own Dreamland campaign, called “The Doom That Returned to Sarnath”.
I worked on many things this year, some of them at the exact same time, but Dreamland is a big, wondrous <3. I can’t wait for this game to come out, I think it’s amazing.

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