Staged theater adaptation of a larp: Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

I am adapting the Nordic (Factory) larp Fallen Stars to the stage for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, called Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale. We have five shows in June (play is an hour long):

Friday June 2, 8:30pm
Saturday June 10, 4:30pm
Friday June 16, 11pm
Sunday June 18, 3pm
Saturday June 24, 7pm

Actors play objects at a charity sale. They are sentient and can talk (like in the movie “Toy Story”). You, the audience, play the buyers at the sale, and can walk on stage and buy an object at any time (you keep the object, too!). The actor goes offstage. The remaining objects react accordingly.

Tickets $15, but use code ITEM for $5 off and give us an item you don’t want and it could become a character in the next show. Each show is different!

Tickets on sale May 1:
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