I was born in the years between Jimi Hendrix’s death and Richard Nixon’s resignation. I am a huge fan of the former. I grew up near San Francisco.
I graduated from UCLA last century with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, emphasis in Creative Writing. 

For four years I lived in Chicago while studying film and video at Columbia College
I completed my coursework in 1997, but did not complete my thesis until the end of 2017, finally earning me an Master of Fine Arts graduate degree in Cinema Art and Science: Cinema Directing.
I have created or co-created a few things, a list of which you can see on my Past Work page
I have been with Kirsten since 1989, married since 1999. We do not have children, but as of June 2014 live with Missekat, a very sweet feline despite occasional bouts of kitty psychoses. 
I am almost always busy working on something. Check the Current Projects page to see what that would be.