Give Up the Ghost contains emotionally intense, tragic and melancholy scenes and elements. They could be cathartic, especially since participants can interact and change the scene narrative. Not all aspects are are thematically dark. We issue optional warning cards at the box office if you wish to know the general content of a scene.  You can avoid this scene by not following the Shadow guide that leads there, based on a specific color code. Scenes can be viewed in any order, and not all scenes need to be viewed.

Some of the elements are:

1. Violent murder (no blood/gore), violence against women, knives

2. Emotional abuse, physical abuse (hinted)

3. Child death (referenced)

4. Drugs, drug abuse

5. Hospital, euthanasia

6. Car accident, hospital

If there is something specific you need to know, please contact us from our ticket site here.

Note again: you can avoid these scenes if you wish. More importantly, you do not have to be a passive observer to the scene.