Hot town, summer in the city

Los Angeles has had a lot of record breaking heat lately, mostly due to man-made and preventable global climate change. Here is what has been going on over here:

One Last Thing Before You Go, the immersive/interactive play I directed, produced and co-wrote with my wife, won an Encore producers award as well as a combined critics/audience “Double Sweet” award from Better Lemons for 100% approval from both audiences and critics. The discussion/fan group for the play is here. Kirsten and I are mulling ideas to expand it later.

I moderated a panel on using RPGs and larps for social-emotional learning in education at San Diego Comic-Con®. It was taped, but the video is forthcoming. Review here. I also screened my thesis movie Morning Commute there.

I (barely) finished designing (again with Kirsten) and ran Redefining Pi, my second Delta Green larp at GenCon. This was the largest player group I’ve ever worked with (48), and we had an offsite experience at the Indiana Medical History Museum with custom made interactive props. Photos here.

I am pleased to have a short article I wrote a year or more ago published in the latest issue of The Unspeakable Oath (#25) from Arc Dream Publishing. It’s about a mystical book that promises everything and provides nothing.

Before beginning classes at the Creative Learning Place (I have left Kabbalah Children’s Academy/International Children’s Academy) in September, I hope to get a number of projects finished as well as clean the apartment and sell a lot of items via ebay and a garage sale.

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