If you want to help me out, I could certainly use it and would especially appreciate it. I can’t pay you, but I can probably round up some kind of swag to give you. Current needs:
  1. I have video of the larp STEEDS that I ran that needs editing. It’s about an hour of raw footage, it needs to be ten minutes or less. I have a rough Final Cut Pro cut, but you can put it together as you wish.
  2. This WordPress site, right here, could be better looking. It could also be maintained and updated. I rarely have time to do it, so if you wanted to be my webmaster, let me know.
  3. I have many things that I am supposed to read but haven’t had time. This is a combination of books and electronic PDFs. Most of the material is either larp related (dissertations), edu-larp related, or Lovecraft-related fiction. If you would like to be my reader and give me coverage of these materials, that would clear many things off my virtual and real shelves.
If you wish to do any of the above without pay, whenever, with some very soft deadlines, please contact me.

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