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Here are the critics’ reviews for Give Up the Ghost: “Give Up the Ghost is a beautiful love letter to what it means to be innately human, and makes audiences want to linger in the Underworld just a little longer.”

No Proscenium:  “I’d stumbled upon ghost hunters and I was the ghost. Over and over the course of the show I’d return to torment the hunters. Opening closets. Turning on faucets while their back was turned. Recording “Pazuul. Pazuul. Pazul.” on their unattended audio recorder and then pressing play. Each and every time they reacted with confusion or terror. Even though they could see every thing I was doing. It. Was. Amazing.”

Hollywood Gothique:”Without being doctrinaire, the experience feels spiritually uplifting, even exhilarating, like grace filling one’s soul; in secular terms, one might call it therapeutic or salutary. “Restorative” bridges both viewpoints nicely – a sense of renewal. Or in language used in both psychoanalysis and the dramatic arts, Give Up The Ghost provides what few interactive plays ever do, a genuine emotional catharsis. If you want to feel something deeper than a simple scare this Halloween, go see Give Up The Ghost.”

Haunt List: “This is an expanded version of One Last Thing Before You Go, the award-winning Hollywood Fringe Festival production from last year by Spectacular Disaster Factory. We’d love to see the team continue to build, broaden and refine this concept for future events. Since it is mostly based on the trials and tragedies of human life, there will always be a plethora of content to pull from. If you go in with an open mind and willingness to play along, we think you’ll be impressed with what they’ve put together.”

Nightmarish Conjurings:”…o see the earnestness of the actors was definitely a highlight because you could tell that they were all in for whatever we could throw at them (within reason).”

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Audience reviews:

“BRAVO!  My friends and I really enjoyed the experience.  We will probably explore more immersive events now.  The church was the perfect venue.  The acting was committed and excellent.”

“Just got back from this show and it was pretty great and you should go!”

“Actors were great, had a lot of fun”

“I totally loved the show—it was so cool! I thought the concept was so unique and I had SO much fun. I went to each scene at least once, some multiple times to try different things, and it’s been on my mind a lot the last few weeks.”

“…wanted to again say how much I loved GUTG. I adored the Fringe scene you did last year and this just expanded on that idea so beautifully ”

“We had an absolutely terrific time last night!  I work in engineering and love it, but I am so incredibly impressed (and grateful) for creatives like you and your team who can not only conceive of things like this but also execute and bring them to life!”

“I really enjoyed this experience and was impressed with the creativity that wen into it.”

“Remarkable to see what difference a year makes for my favorite show of Fringe 2018. [Give Up the Ghost] not only expands on the promise of One Last Thing Before You Go, it recontextualizes it with a morality and empathy that speaks to hour our choices make up who we are.”

“Holy cow, that was fantastic! Amazing acting, emotional impact, agency…all the immersive highlights!”

“This was my first time in immersive theater and it was so amazing!”

“This was a very thought provoking piece. It definitely made me think about the choices we all make and the ramifications they may have…Several of the experiences had a very personal, intimate and emotional effect on me.”

“This was a very special show. You will go through a wide range of emotions. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes thrilling, sometimes fun and will be unforgettable.”

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