Summer 2019 update

So many things, so little time.

What has passed =
Rock Band Murder Mystery, an interactive immersive (larp) for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. We had nine runs total–for a 1989 rock band and entourage partying in an amazing period studio in Hollywood (Melrose Ave) with a dead girl in the bathroom. This was a condensed version of a 4-hour larp I made for WyrdCon ages ago. Thanks to Kirsten Hageleit for filling in my gaps, Cindy Kapp for house management, and the amazing cast: Brenda Gutierrez, Shoshanna Green, David Madwin, Jon Chavira, and Spencer Frankeberger. We have hundreds of pictures from the shows, but here’s one:


Coming up:

Another panel at San Diego Comic-Con (July 19) on using role-playing and larps for learning, featuring Mike Young’s “Secret Societies” larp as a demo for the audience to play. Then we talk about social-emotional learning and answer questions. With Jade Asher, Shawn Crosby, Emily Nguyen-Hoai, Fiona Rene, and Scott Stubbe.

The second larp design jam at New York Film Academy (Burbank branch) on Saturday July 27. FREE with FREE PIZZA. Learn the basics of live action role playing and some tips on design, which can be helpful for any experience with human beings. Then make a larp and run it, or play in a larp that was designed mere hours prior! Very fun, open at anyone of any experience level. Featuring Kirsten Hageleit and Jenni Powell.


Finally, I am moving on two BIG projects:
The Final Report of Henry Barrow (short movie)
Storyboards by Pete Von Sholly

Starring Herbert Jefferson, Jr. and Brenda Gutierrez.


Before You Go – an immersive/interactive experience expanding the successful Hollywood Fringe Festival event One Last Thing Before You Go.

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