the love is gone…Temp Cupid closes after a short, joyous fling

The second official Spectacular Disaster Factory play I produced and directed, Temp Cupid, wrapped after a short run over Valentine’s Day weekend.

Thank you to the stupendous cast–Ashley Busenlener, Kristofer Buxton, Casey Dean, Tricia Fukuhara, Orion Schwalm, Lena Valentine–who did a lot with very little; to the playtesters who gave us feedback; and especially to Marlee Delia, who was wrongly left off the playbill by me and who was a behind-the-scenes cheerleader and marketing support. Sorry!

Thanks, Dan Waldkirch and Erik Blair for the reviews:
Dan: “Temp Cupid is innovative, wacky, adorable, and above all, a ton of fun. The hour goes by all too fast, and it’s easy to imagine revisiting it with a different play-style. Hageleit and Vanek have a Cupid streak themselves, creating something so easy to fall in love with.” (Immersed)
Erik: “Temp Cupid is a fine show, with a lot of potential for audiences to have fun.” (Eye on Immersive)

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