Breaking the Mold with The Game Academy: ComicCon @ Home panel

A panel I moderated for ComiCon@ Home will go live tonight at 5pm Pacific time. More info here.

Educational Role-Playing: Breaking the Mold with the Game Academy

Tabletop and live-action role-playing games have remarkable capabilities for learning at all ages. Get a sneak peek about three projects from The Game Academy, a 501c3 nonprofit: The Scourge of Shiran, a 5e-compatible educationally-themed science fiction adventure designed and written by professional educators for The World of Alessia; The Realm of Canthea is an in-house fantasy world developed by TGA for any fantasy role-playing game, which challenges tropes and expectations along racial, gender, cultural, and political lines for the purpose of illumination and education, and a preview of The Anywear Academy, a $1.2 million-dollar National Science Foundation-funded camp experience for middle-grade girls to learn ubicomp, programming, and community building through a thrilling interactive story with participants utilizing wearable electronics like the micro:bit. With Joshua Archer (president, The Game Academy), Dr. Katherine Isbister (director of UC Santa Cruz’s Social Emotional Technology Lab), Dr. Elena Márquez Segura (assistant professor at ‎Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Ella Dagan (design-researcher at UC Santa Cruz’s Social Emotional Technology Lab), James Fey (design-researcher at UC Santa Cruz’s Social Emotional Technology Lab), Jasmine Florentine (co-designer, The Anywear Academy). Moderated by Aaron Vanek (co-designer, The Anywear Academy)

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